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Low carb foods, low carb diets, and low carb products seem to be the craze these days. Why are so many people turning to low carb diets and start eating low carb foods? By eating low carb foods you can lose weight rather quickly. Of course, that is not to say that eating mostly low carb foods is the best method or that one will keep the weight off.

Low carb foods are offered by many merchants. Every week as many as five new low carb foods (low carb products) are introduced. Last year, low carb foods and products was a 15 billion dollar industry. It is estimated that this year that low carb foods industry will reach 30 billion dollars. Most of the low carb foods are expensive, copared to the regular foods. Health-conceous consumers are willing to pay top dollar for low carb foods. Everywhere you go, it seems you can find low carbohydrate foods. You can order low carb foods online; find low carb products in the grocery store, pharmacies, nutrition stores and so forth.

Use our Carb Counter to find low carb foods, if you plan to go on a low carb diet. Check our Low Carb Recipes page to find many low carb food recipes.

If you are on a low carb diet or looking to eat low carb foods, it is important to know that nutritionists recommend eating foods that are naturally low in carbohydrates instead of buying the processed low carb foods. Any food that is naturally occurring contains carbohydrates. These foods include: grains, meat, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, etc. Foods that have carbohydrates taste good. In fact, carbohydrates are often added to protein foods to make them taste better.

Some low carb foods are naturally low in carbohydrates. Some of these low carb foods include fish, poultry, meat, eggs and dry beans. Pecans also belong to the low carb foods group.

When looking for low carb foods that are naturally low in carbohydrates, you will learn that many of these are high in fat. So remember although you may lose weight on low carb diets, you also need to be sure you are not eating too much fat. Certain food groups have the least amount of carbohydrates including: meat, poultry, fish, non-starchy vegetables, fats and oils and dairy products.

In order to maintain a healthy weight it is important to eat a well-balanced meal. Our bodies need some fat, some carbohydrates and some protein. Do not limit yourself to foods that are lacking in essential vitamins and minerals.

Low Carb Foods
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